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Located in Columbia SC, We've been breeding  & Showing dogs since 1995. We strive to breed top quality dogs from proven Show & Working bloodlines.

3Kings puppies are raised on a raw diet, socialized with children and other animals at our local

lowes & pet stores to ensure our dogs has the best temperament for any life situation.

Puppies are health guaranteed for 2years, wormed, dewclaws removed, tails docked and current on shots.

We can provide basic and advance obedience,

personal protection training , confirmation

training and show handling. 

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A working dog native to Italy, the Cane Corso is thought to be the direct descendant of the Molossus, the war dog of the Roman Army, and is considered by many to be the closest living relative of that ancient breed. For centuries Cane Corso have serve the farmers of Southern Italy as hunting dogs, farm workers, and property guardians. He is powerful and athletic and is best suited to an experienced owner who has a large, securely fenced yard. This breed is considered to be one of the most trainable and responsive members of the Mastiff family and is becoming more popular in the United States. ICCF was the first to register & the AKC recognized the Cane Corso in 2010.

Bully Kutta

American Bully

The Bully Kutta is a very large dog which originated from the Sub-continent. Generally speaking, in those countries, it is a dog which has, sadly, been game bred. However, in recent years, it has been imported to the ‘Western World’ where It is used as a working dog. The popularity outside of its own borders where it is known to have quite a friendly temperament, providing it is kept by an owner who knows what they are doing.  Although, fanciers and enthusiasts of the breed claim that it is a separate and unique breed unlike the Alangu Mastiff.  Its name is derived from the Sinhi and Urdu languages where it is known as a Bohli Kutta; Bohli meaning "heavily wrinkled" and Kutta meaning "dog".  

Cane Corso

The American Bully is a recently developed breed of dog which was bred to be a companion and show dog. First appearing in the 1990’s, the American Bully is rapidly increasing in popularity, more so than almost any other rare bred both in the United States and abroad.  The American Bully is best known for its tough and intimidating appearance and its friendly but protective nature.  American Bullies are not currently recognized by any major canine organization but a few smaller registries have recognized them and there are several breed specific clubs dedicated specifically to them.  The American Bully is usually considered to be a type of Bully Breeds

Since 1995